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Oct 28, 2012 8:30pm PDT
and really came out offensively and defensively and special teams, i thought, pretty much played a complete game. >> michele: this was your fifth consecutive game with 300 yards passing which i'll note is a broncos franchise record and when you consider elway played here that is something. how far have you come in these seven games? >> i think our team has come far, especially offensively as far as what i'm doing every day. the receivers i have a better rapport with them and offensive field with what plays they like. willis and ryan did a great job running the ball and opened up passing lanes. i think the team is maturing and hopefully, we will keep it going. >> michele: you mentioned demaryius thomas standing next to you. you're getting in a groove with all of your receivers. >> these guys are very talented. the more situations we are in the more we should improve. demaryius played great tonight and sure am proud of him. >> michele: congratulations. >> thank you. >> michele: the receivers played a very good game tonight, demaryius. as peyton said you two seem to be communicating better and
Oct 29, 2012 6:00am PDT
ingredients, but similar recipe, which is strong pitching, very opportunistic hitting and great defense. i think maybe one of the hidden stories of the playoffs was the defense this team played. >> reporter: yeah, pitching and defense and really think about it, with bochy and fabian helping lead a team and build a team of so many diverse parts different from 2010 but with that same spirit. what a scene from detroit last night. a little bit more coming up later. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> that scene will continue as we celebrate here as well. thank you, lawrence. >>> it's 6:22. coming up, someone in the bay area waking up a millionaire. we'll tell you whether the super winning lotto ticket was sold. ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. >>> welcome back, everyone. how's this for a monday morning, a san francisco
Oct 28, 2012 6:00am PDT
of government jobs, a lot of military jobs. a series of mandatory cuts in defense spend iing at the end o the year. i know you have criticized the president on this but paul ryan vo voted for that. so how do you make the case? >> republicans and democrats supported the sequestration announcement 15 months ago in august of 2011, but it was supposed to be a hammer not a policy. in other words, the super committee was supposed to get a budget deal done but now, lester, we're two months away from crippling cuts to the military. that ought to call them devastating. in virginia it's 200,000 jobs. the president has been a bystander. bob woodward said this wasn't the president's idea to have $600 billion in defense cuts on 0 top of the $400 billion this year. >> we know it's a huge issue. >> it is. the fact is you have to have a solution. here we are a couple days before an election, two months before they go into effect, and the president just hasn't led on this. that's my criticism at this point. we're home to 150,000 men and women in uniform. 800,000 veterans. and they just like to sit and wat
Oct 29, 2012 5:00am PDT
, brandon crawford, a homegrown giants fan growing up playing for his team with amazing defensive efforts throughout the world series, pitching and defense helping bring this thing home. brandon crawford enjoying it as a true bay area kid and giants fan. what a scene. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> the world series champs will arrive back in the bay area later this afternoon but those giants fans are already gathering at at&t park to welcome them home. bob redell is live outside the ballpark with a look at some of the diehard fans and that upcoming victory parade. it should be fun, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. there are probably about 40 fans out here a little while ago but once word trickled out that the plane would not be arriving until 3:00 this afternoon, a lot of people have gone home to get the rest. they were disappointed, as were we, because when we were out here in 2010, the team showed up about 5:00 in the morning. the flight not arriving until 3:00 this afternoon which means the team will probably not arrive here to the 2nd street gate until 3:30 or 4:00.
Oct 29, 2012 12:00am PDT
of sitting on a lead. there's a way in which the president has been too defensive, too reticent in his demeanor through the campaign. and if you pull the camera back and look at the last couple of months, there's no question whatever the momentum factor is in these last few days, no question that over that broader period, there has been momentum toward romney. and people he was not really close challenger, he is now. and i think that factor is there. and you can just see it. you can see it in his body language. chris: i can see what obama is trying to do. he's trying to remind people of all the stakes in this election. if you get, for example, george w. bush elected over an al gore it makes tremendous impact. you go to war perhaps. >> and katty's point, does that get the people skiletted in 2008 by this hope, change message and by obama as the candidate as excited as playing to the fear that -- especially playing to 12 years ago, i'm not so sure. chris: ok. >> i agree with that. if at any point obama had said here's what we're going to do and it's really exciting, over the next four ye
Oct 28, 2012 10:00pm PDT
, first they had to face trial where nanette's lawyer had an unusual defense. >> in court, you called your client a slut. >> i'm sorry. >> because you -- does no make >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> 17 years after bill mclaughlin's life was brought to a violent epiearly end, eric naposki went on trial here in the orange county courthouse. >> what i want to do is take you folks through an overview of the evidence. >> prosecutor matt murphy told the jury eric naposki volunteered to be nanette johnston's deadly killer. >> he expensed a model 92-f. >> then a few months later it was nanette's turn. murphy told the second jury that nanette's groed was insatiable. that she wrongly thought as trustee of bill's trust she controlled the money and her stealing escalated as the murder date ghost got closer. >> she steals $48,200 in the monday of october alone some in the monday of october she has beaten the previous nine months come wined with her thefts. >> so the prosecutor argued she asked herman cain to kill bill before he caught on. sglerk's attorneys told the jury two things, one eric c
Oct 28, 2012 11:00pm PDT
opportunistic and great pitching and one of the best stories of it was the defense they played. >> really why we love this. and this team so much is because it was a team ta wouldn't die and there are so many great stories. in 2010 they were the band of misfits. this is the team that wouldn't be eliminated and they sweep the tigers in the world series and bring home a championship. back to the bay area in san francisco and we will see you in detroit with more reports. let's send it back to you in the bay area from comerica park. it's rain bug beautiful here tonight because the giants are world champs. >> that's wonderful. thank you, lawrence scott reporting for us from detroit. right now we want to take you outside to san francisco. this is our helicopter. it is moved over to the mission district. this is 22nd and mission. there is another bond bonfire this the street similar to what we are seeing over at near at&t park. you can also see from this picture that it is a much wider shot of the pictures. there are many, thousands of people in the streets. and a few bonfires. this is bigger than othe
Oct 28, 2012 8:00am PDT
. secretary of defense saying he denied requests for help over that seven hours. >> we'll get to that later. >> but it's a trust issue. >> on the economy, how does it tip the scales, david brooks? >> i think it's been the worst campaign i have ever covered. they are both ending where they started. obama doing a negative campaign. he's got an ad out about romney and the flip-flop and what we have heard. it's almost pure negativity. romney is trying to appeal to moderates and women, which is a bipartisan ad saying i don't care if it's a republican or democrat idea, i'm for that. you know, he has -- it's not who he is or what his policies are. i regard it as a campaign that's not addressed these issues. they are finishing as badly as they started. >> i disagree, david. i think the trust issue links with the economic issue. it's a product. like if you are selling the car, you want air-conditioning, i'll give you that. you want rich, remember all that, i'll give you that. romney is saying you want that, i'll give you that. you want sen tryst, i'll give you that. the auto rescue is a good example
Oct 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
coast guard and the department of defense all positioned, if the public is not following instructions that makes it more dangerous for people and it means that we could have fatalities that could have been avoid. transportation is going to be tied up for a long time and the most significant impact for a lot of people in addition to flooding is going to be getting power back on. we anticipate that there will be a lot of trees down. a lot of water. and despite the fact that power companies are working very closely with their various state officials and local officials to make sure they are bringing in as many assets as possible and getting those ready in preparation for the storm the fact is a lot of these emergency crews can't get info signatures to start restoring power until these winds have died downed and because of the nature of the storm that may take several days. the public should anticipate that there's going to be a lot of power outages and i want may take time for that power to get back on. the same is true with transportation. a lot of backlogs and even after the storm has
Oct 31, 2012 7:00am PDT
life in prison. his defense team is still trying to send the case to juvenile court. >>> nasa has compiled a first ever list of minerals found on another planet. the curiosity rover on mars finds the soil on the red planet remarkably similar to the volcanic sand found in hawaii. this discovery will help scientists figure out if our neighbor in the solar system could once have supported life. >>> and yet another shark attack in california, but unlike last week's victim the 25-year-old surfer bitten on tuesday has survived. he's been hospitalized and is in fair condition. fellow surfers helped rescue the man who was suffering from a 14-inch bight from what experts say was likely a great white shark. >>> the city by the bay is shutting down today for a ticker tape parade to honor the 2012 world series champion san francisco giants. the celebration is build as a family-friendly alcohol-free event. many fans are expected to show up in costume since the parade is happening on halloween and the team colors are orange and black. and marry cory booker did not disappoint during sandy and is
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)